Asociación Internacional de Estudios de Bomberos

About us

The INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FIREFIGHTERS STUDIES (AIB) was born in 2016 with the clear objective of improving the overall training of the Local Fire Brigade on fire and rescue capabilities, offering tools to improve efficiency within the fire services and to our members.

We also work with Locals Authorities to improve the training and knowledge and mechanisms of action needed to maintain the skills and knowledge and performing in our ever-changing environment.

The AIB, we intend to “modernize” the firefighter’s job nationally and internationally.

Through our studies, we take action that helps to improve the Fire Services.

To improve our profession, we wouñd like the support and collaboration of the many trade union organizations, professional platforms and other associations representing the emergency sector so we can join forces.

From the AIB, we encourage any firefighter, who has concerns about the job and want to improve professionally to collaborate with us to accomplish all type of studies making or job safer for everyone.