Asociación Internacional de Estudios de Bomberos

Proyecto DigiFire

The Digifire project is a project within the Erasmus + program of the European Community. This project aims to create an e-learning training platform to transmit information and train firefighters from remote European rural areas, mostly in Turkey and Romania until the arrival of other professional firefighters. Once completed, it will have a projection to the rest of the countries of the European Union, with access to all those fire services that are interested.

DigiFire will benefit rural firefighters first by allowing them to receive distance training, saving costs and travel. Therefore, all citizens living in these areas will also help, since these firefighters will have adequate training (primary and intermediate) to deal with any emergency.

The project has an initial duration of 2 years. However, future collaboration among all participants is intended, to continue to implement the platform, with a broader path and with a planned development perspective.

The participants belong to different entities in Turkey, Romania, Germany and Spain. Our Association (AIB) is the Spanish collaborating entity.

The AIB participates in the project in Output 2: digital training materials and Output 3: Voluntary firefighting e-learning web portal.
We will be responsible for making much of the digital content (text, images, videos and links to files and or any documents) of the different tools and equipment for firefighters in this project. The content will be based, and it will Include subject like firefighting, road traffic accidents, USAR demolition, line rescue, animal rescue, first aid, communications, PPE and vehicles, among others.
Is also an opportunity for the collaboration of the Dräger, Vetter and Korda´s partnerships that will provide us with the material, documentation and facilities that we need.